Personal Fouls Question?

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Personal Fouls Question?

Messagepar Jessebarker » 02 Juin 2018, 17:48


I've been coaching and learning lacrosse for the last three years. It's a new sport here in the ATL and many of the parents are needed to help out. I played a little as a kid but nothing organized. With that said, I've gone through both USL coaching levels and done everything I can to get up to speed. However, I'm confused when it comes to personal fouls, especially at U-11 (no long poles here yet). Slashing and cross checks specifically. the NFHS/USL rules pretty much say that if your stick makes contact anywhere but glove or stick when attempting to dislodge the ball, it could be considered a slash. We all get some kid going for a full tomahawk with a wind up but I see kids everyday hacking away at a guy's left shoulder arm while he's cradling in the right..whack, whack,whack whack. I see it at all levels. No one seems to mind and it's never called. Some say, "oh, the ref is used to high school rules". According to the rules I read, that's not allowed in high school either. Is it supposed to be as "gentle" and precise as the rules suggest or is it always "choping lumber"? Is it a ref problem?

Please help.

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Re: Personal Fouls Question?

Messagepar framirose » 03 Juin 2018, 20:07

Sorry, this forum is dedicated to one specific game, I can't help you!
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